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I can:

    • provide you with an expert legal opinion and advice on any aspect of your matter or procedure
    • draft legal documents on your behalf
    • attend court to represent you at a hearing or tribunal in any court or tribunal in England and Wales
    • represent you at a mediation or arbitration
    • conduct a mediation if I am jointly instructed as an independent mediator
    • If you instruct my entity, ShenSmith Law, then ShenSmith Law can conduct litigation for you and I can do all of the above


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Coming directly to a barrister is surprisingly cost effective because we have much lower operating costs than a normal law firm. I can work from anywhere and utilise cost-effective clerking and administration arrangements. There is no duplication of work and therefore no duplication of costs. You can save typically up to 30% by coming directly to a barrister or barrister-led law firm than a traditional solicitors’ firm.

Fixed Fees

I can usually provide you with a “fixed fee” quote or do an amount of work within a budget you can afford. This means you will always know what your work is going to cost before the bill becomes due.


I will only undertake work that I consider myself to be competent, meaning you will get an expert service every time. This means it will usually take me much less time to provide you with the advice you need and therefore cost less.

Speed and Response

Me or my clerks will typically respond to you within minutes to assess your needs. We will usually confirm the fees for your work within a matter of hours of receiving full information and/or paperwork from you. All of my work is carried out in this fashion, rather than taking several days to respond to you.


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Until 2004, you needed to instruct a solicitor who would in turn instruct a barrister for you. In 2004, the rules were changed (“the Public Access Rules”) to allow you to instruct a barrister directly provided the barrister has undertaken required training. Many barristers still prefer the traditional solicitor–barrister arrangement and therefore there has been relatively little advertising for direct / public access work. [/spoiler]

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Legal aid can help pay for legal advice, family mediation or representation in court or at a tribunal. You’ll be asked general questions about your legal problem and your financial situation. You can check to see whether you are eligible here: